FULL Interview Transcript 03.11.17

FULL Interview Transcript (Saturday, March 11, 2017)

Marilen Crump:

“…We were just talking about dance and I said, ‘Wait a minute before we go on – I want your opinion’ …  because Brian has been dancing for a little bit now and as you know for ARTINSPIRED BALLROOM we are going to be starting our Spring Schedule – March 20th and we want to make sure that it’s optimal for everybody involved.

So, Brian – tell me a little bit about what would be just amazing regarding learning how to dance and remembering … different steps and just feeling more confident?”

Brian Cade:

“One of the feelings that I want to have is where I can just go with – the breaks in the song and the adjustments and really make it a part of the song … and right now I’m just at the basic part of the moves and it’s like going to be a repeat of everything – like certain techniques or patterns – and I can make it – right now I’m not at a point that I can – as the song changes or the musicality of it … to be able to shift and make it feel like it is actually to that song,”

Marilen Crump:

“Ok – and I think that’s what I wanted to explain to everybody how our program is going to be different. Coralita is over there off camera – maybe we will talk to Coralita later. The way we want to facilitate our program is that it’s going be very much like ‘immersion’ … we’re really going to make it more technique-based than a lot of classes that are out there, just because if you know the right techniques and you know the right musicality – it’s not going to be hard for you to learn patterns. And I tell everybody, there’s patterns everywhere that you can get for free. We don’t need to be the resource for ‘pattern-work’ because you can go to YouTube and grab those patterns.

What we want to do as instructors, is make you LOOK GOOD and look appropriate for the style of the dancing… so you can know all the patterns you want, let’s say in CHA CHA – but if you don’t have the LATIN MOTION or the HIP MOVEMENT – we won’t know what you are doing … ‘I think that’s Cha Cha’ – *laughter* – ‘but it doesn’t look like Cha Cha.’ … To me, you can have a LOT MORE CONFIDENCE going into a dance because at one point all these moves and patterns were made up anyway (right?). Someone made them up.

But the ESSENCE of the dance, the RHYTHM of the dance, the WAY your body MOVES for that dance… THAT’S what’s core and that’s what is essential… and you are not going to have to go ‘Oh I don’t know this pattern’ — YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW A PATTERN — The thing is about dancing to music, you FLOW with the music, you CREATE the pattern with the music because of what you are FEELING and then for you as a LEAD, to be able to transfer that with a partner BECAUSE you have the right TECHNIQUE.

So you don’t have to stop and explain, ‘I’m going to turn you three times after we do this one step’ – that’s annoying to me when someone has to stop and explain the pattern. If you KNOW HOW TO LEAD – just lead me through the pattern and I’ll do my best to follow because I have to work on my following skills. So if someone has to tell me the pattern – then that’s not exciting for me.

… I want to make the program EXCITING for people, so that Coralita – we want to make sure that everybody’s feeling the music and really getting the Essence of what dance is about. It’s not about ‘how many patterns do I know?’ – It’s about ‘Hmmmm… the music is about to slow down – how can I set up the next move so maybe the next thing I do is dip my partner and then hit that break in the music again where it’s – fast…

So that’s what’s going to be different.

… What styles are you excited to learn? As far as something you don’t already know?”

Brian Cade:

“There’s a lot of variations in Swing that I’d like to get into more. So right now I’ve doing West Coast and then so the East Coast, then Lindy Hop and stuff. I’m really fascinated with that.”

Marilen Crump:

“We are starting with the Swing Series first – and so how our schedule works is that during the course of the week you will be working on those techniques that I mentioned and then we’ll have a little social time on Friday Nights so that you can practice different things. And then on a weekend workshop we’re going be going through choreography – so let’s say we pick a song on a Sunday – we’re gonna work through it starting to combine some of those moves in a good flow. You are not tied to it – not married to it afterwards – but it’s just giving your brain an example on how to link different moves together, so that you can grab all those things that you learn through the week and really start applying it.

Then that way it’s like ‘my brain is really focused on this’ … because half of it’s mental.  So that if you are learning a technique if you proceed with it within the week is much better than breaking it up through the month and/or scattering your knowledge about it. It gets frustrating after awhile – having disjointed knowledge on the dance.

Our goal is to freely flow into all these movements…

ALSO – I don’t know if you know about this >>> We have a guest instructor that will come at least twice a month. His name is TBOY (Hi! TBOY) … he’s from France. His specialty is KIZOMBA so if you are looking to really get smooth and get that latin … hips moving … he’s the guy for that.

>> Contact us … Visit our website: ARTINSPIREDBALLROOM … you’ll probably see this guy around – he’ll be taking lessons as well. So thanks Brian for this sit down.”

Brian Cade:

“Welcome. Thank you.”

Marilen Crump:

“Awesome! And if you’re looking to get in shape and transform … Brian has a great resource. Tell us about your company (CADEFIT).”

Brian Cade:

“We are a fitness and self-development center where we combine life and success coaching with personal training so that all the areas of your life really start moving forward.”

Marilen Crump:

“Perfect. Thanks Brian!”




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