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By: Marilen Crump – #1 Amazon Best Selling Author & Ballroom Dance Instructor

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There is music in the air and I am getting lost in the dance. I believe it is my saving grace. Dancing gives you a sense of control when life may be out of it. There is a mental commitment to either clam up and get frustrated, or move to the beat and react with every changing moment and lead. If you are the woman in the dance, you learn that trust is everything. The movement can be so freeing with the right partner. If your lead is not giving you a clear message, the dance flounders and it’s very uncomfortable. The woman has to be cooperative and ready to receive the message. The man has to be considerate and wait for the right time to lead certain moments. He has to listen, he has to feel, he has to protect her, and he has to please her. The faster the dance, the closer he draws her in. The slower the dance, the more grace in the spaces in between.

When improv happens, both partners must be spontaneous but connected. Connection happens when energy is placed at the point of contact. You are committed to stay together even if you are doing your own thing. Once in awhile you are in sync, other times you pick each other up, sometimes you sweep the other off their feet.

Dancers can have chemistry by committing to the same energy. The best partners develop an instinct for each other. They communicate without saying a word. They keep their chins up. They sense the world around them. If they miss a step, they recover and keep dancing. They both know there is never the perfect dance. They know that one day the song will end and they will measure the dance by the way they made each other feel.

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DISCLAIMER: This program will not be effective you if you are not open to change and new thoughts and actions. This is created for a scenario where both parties are willing to communicate freely and stay positive. Although we ultimately do not control the fate of any couple, we hope that we are creating avenues of understanding that people can benefit from.